The Medical Pedicure


Dubbed the next big thing in wellness, the medical pedicure has already been embraced by trendsetters in Europe and the US. Why? Because people realise that the average pedicure no longer cuts it (no pun intended)!

Many people pay little attention to their feet, however, when you think about it, they are our foundation. Looking after your feet is the next level of self-care. People now want a high grade, medical service provided by trusted professionals. These professionals are podiatrists. Podiatrists have the knowledge, training and skills to give you the best care helping you get the most out of your feet day in, day out. Additionally, we can deliver a service that is healthy, hygienic and safe.

The medical grade pedicure involves cutting your toenails correctly to prevent ingrown nails, and removing the hard, dry skin that builds up under the feet. All of this is done using sterile instruments, meaning you are not at risk of infection – unfortunately something that can occur at nail salons where they use the same equipment from one person to the next. We do not apply polish to the nails, however we will leave your feet looking and feeling so great you may even want to go polish free!

With sandal season upon us now, it’s a great time to make your feet a priority!