Image from Bao Foot Spa

Reflexology is an ancient form of non-invasive natural therapies. It dates back to as early as 2330BC in countries such as China, India and Egypt. This complementary therapy sees pressure applied to the feet (or hands) to promote wellbeing and optimal health.

The feet are often regarded as a mirror of the body and in the case of Reflexology, pressure is applied to specific points on the foot (reflexes), which correspond with different areas, organs and systems of the body.

Reflexology focuses on ‘zones’ which follow energy from the feet to the brain. If the energy flow in any of these zones becomes blocked or out of balance, it is thought to affect any part of the body contained within that zone. Reflexology works by applying a controlled amount of pressure to the zones via the tips of the practitioner’s fingers and thumbs. The pressure is not painful and can help to remove the energy block in any of the zones. This allows the body to release stress, begin to heal itself and regain balance.

Overall, Reflexology can be a wonderful way to find mental and physical relaxation, as well as a deep sense of calm. If you’re interested to try Reflexology or have had it before and want to continue on your healing journey, book in for a treatment here .