Stretch & Release Foam Roller Workshop



We are excited announce we will be co-hosting the Stretch & Release Foam Roller Workshop during Studio PP’s Total Transformation 28 Day Challenge.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday 6th March from 7:30 – 8:30pm. If you would like further information, head over the event page here or contact us.

Michelle’s Interview with Studio PP



I recently sat down with Studio PP to chat all things feet and why we should be giving this part of our body extra TLC.

My vision for IPC has been developed over many years. I wanted to create an environment people felt comfortable in, a place they could come for help without being embarrassed about their feet. Sadly, there is often a negative stigma around feet and I felt it was important to help shift the general perception of this.

To read my full interview with Studio PP head over to their website here.



New 3D Scanner



We’re very excited to introduce you to our new 3D scanner! This small camera operated device is the latest technology for making custom orthotics.

It works by taking a highly accurate 3D scan of the foot, which is used by our orthotic laboratory to create a precise orthotic prescription. The end result is a more comfortable and functional orthotic. Another advantage is it can be done within a matter of minutes AND we no longer need to take plaster molds of the feet (meaning less mess!)

If your current orthotics need replacing or if you have been putting off getting custom orthotics book an appointment to have a 3D scan.