Introducing Podiatrist Loretta Egan

Podiatrist Loretta Egan


You may have already had the pleasure of meeting our newest team member, the lovely Loretta Egan but if you have not, allow us to introduce her.

Loretta graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2006 and has over 13 years experience working in private practice. Warm, friendly and thorough, Loretta takes a similar approach to podiatry as IPC founder Michelle, and is also qualified in dry needling. We couldn’t be more happy to have Loretta as part of the team.

To get to know Loretta, check out our interview with her below.


What drew you to a career in podiatry?

I became interested in podiatry after being a dancer (ballet and jazz) for 14 years. During this time, I often needed to see a podiatrist myself, and it was through these experiences I realised the importance of taking care of our feet and how podiatry can be a really helpful modality.

What are your favourite aspects of podiatry?

I am passionate about all aspects of podiatry, from treating the very young to very old. I especially enjoy nail surgeries, diabetes assessments and education, sports injuries and cases where you can provide immediate relief for someone in pain.

Outside of podiatry, what are your favourite ways to spend your time?

In my spare time (when I get it away from my one year old!) I love to go running and do HIIT classes. I have completed various runs over the years including a couple of half marathons.

What are you reading/listening to/watching at the moment? 

I am not currently reading anything at the moment because it is too hard with a toddler!

I’m listening to Ed Sheeran’s No. 6 Collaborations Project. I have seen him live twice and love his music. I’m especially loving the guest artists on this album.

I have just finished watching the mini-series Chernobyl, which was excellent. I am also a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I’m watching Australian Survivor for the first time, and I am completely hooked!

What’s one thing you’d love to tell people about feet or podiatry?

One quarter of the bones in the body are in the feet, so when your feet are out of alignment, so is the rest of your body. During a day of walking, the total forces to your feet can be equivalent to hundreds of tonnes. Wearing high heels can increase the load to your forefoot by as much as 75%.

Proper footwear is therefore so important! It is probably the thing I am most passionate about and I hate seeing people walk around all day in poor footwear.


Loretta is available for appointments on Mondays and Fridays, alternating between our Camberwell and South Yarra clinics. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with her, book online or get in touch!




Michelle on The House of Wellness Australia

Our founder and principal podiatrist Michelle Moyle was recently featured on Channel 7’s The House of Wellness program discussing the importance of taking care of your feet.

During the segment, titled ‘Happy Feet’ Michelle offered an expert opinion on how to incorporate foot care into our lives and shared the benefits of regular podiatry with former Australian netball player Bianca Chatfield.

The show was a wonderful opportunity for Michelle to spread awareness about the importance of our feet, Integrated Podiatry Clinic and the profession of podiatry.

Watch from minute 2.20 to see Michelle in action!

Foam Roller Workshop

Foam Roller Workshop

Michelle will again be joining Studio PP founder Steph Prem and High Line Active Physiotherapist Nicole Bryant to host a Foam Roller Workshop.

You will be guided through a series of exercises from head to toe using a foam roller and trigger point ball.

Learn how to perform effective stretches and release exercises to help combat a range of issues including injuries, inflammation, pain, sore muscles, and improve recovery and circulation.

Foam rolling and trigger pointing are forms of myofascial release suitable for all fitness levels and body types. By applying pressure to specific tight spots and trigger points throughout your body you can assist in muscle recovery and a return to healthy function.

The skills learnt in this workshop may also help to improve flexibility, boost energy levels, help detoxify the body and lower physical and mental stress.

Ticket price includes a Studio PP foam roller to take home with you after the workshop so that you can continue your foam roller practice at home.

If you already have a Studio PP foam roller, please select the ticket with the lowest price. We recommend the Studio PP specific foam roller as its size and density are ideal for facial release and spinal work.

Event details

Date: Tuesday 7th August

Time: 7.30pm – 8.45pm

Location: Studio PP – Level 7, 1 Almeida Cres, South Yarra

Price: $79.95 including Studio PP foam roller to take home | $39.95 without foam roller (one will be provided for you to use during the workshop)